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Every now and then i face screenshots where i say “that texture could look better” and while this seems valid, the problem also only seems to appear when i use specific camera angles and specific resolutions and graphical options, i go to the extreme and obviously when i’m so close to the ground, textures start to look as if they lack detail.

This happens because sometimes they do lack detail, but again you don’t play the game looking at the ground all the time and even if you do, you do it at a respectable distance, you can’t see the lack of detail.
PSO and graphics in general use tweaks to increase performance, one of the reasons why caves, ruins and mines have walls is because the next rooms aren’t there at all, they are visible when you come close to them, same way textures use some techniques to make things acceptable, such as anisotropic filtering, mipmaps or LOD (level of detail).
What does this means? When a certain texture is far away, you can’t detect the lack of detail, in fact the texture is very big compared to the res you have on-screen to represent it, so why bother to represent an image 256×256 when on your screen it only uses 50×50 pixels?
So, if those option are enabled, you can use mipmaps, which are textures at 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 (and so on) the size of the original texture, LOD determines when some of these aspects are used (distance wise), it’s like a slider that you can control.

PSO keeps the camera far away from the char, the v2 game runs at 640×480 and pso bb or pso v2 with some tweaks the max is around 2 to 3 times higher (+-) so when i think of changing a specific texture i face 2 problems:

– Is it worth it?
Making it look better is only a justified reason when you actually see that texture a lot and when you see the lack of detail it has, otherwise you’re demanding more and you can’t get anything visually better.

My screenshots are a little extreme, sometimes there is only 2×2 pixels and in that segment I’m trying to load a 256×256 texture, it’s true i will be getting the most accurate 4 pixels i can, but the demand is so high it can actually make the game slow, for an enjoyable experience using mipmaps or using a decent LOD is a nice idea and actually recommended.

– Is it possible to make it better?
Some textures can use really high-resolution images and possibly no one can make actual use of such detail, while other textures accept only something of a similar size.
Even something at a higher res, when combined with other images, may make the file that contains the texture to big to be loaded and the game stops working correctly.
All the skins i provided have no issues with that, but to reach that point i sometimes had to cut down on texture resolution to make the entire skin/file load correctly.
I also wanted a “from the depts” shield for PSO v2 by modifying a texture on another shield, but i can never achieve the same quality, mainly because the shield I used has a small texture and it can’t be replaced by something bigger, so sometimes there is a reason to change textures but they can’t be done.

What do you think, is there any texture in game that is actually bad to the point where a change would be recommended? like a weapon, a char, an effect, an area texture,…..?
I know PSO, but sometimes obvious things escape my vision and while i have ideas to make certain things look better, they won’t become public, because the public never actually makes the camera go super close on things.

Based on your PSO experience, what texture bothers you with the lack of detail it has?