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Recently Tofuman has done something pretty interesting, by now if you’re still a PSO BB player then you know widescreen and bigger resolutions have been attempted, but, things are never perfect, if you have tried widescreen then you know bubble chats and text become wider, that and some of the interface might become stretched.

Tofuman made a launcher for eden server (a server that I personally recommend) but added a few new options, including not only widescreen support (16:10 and 16:9) and higher resolutions (up to 2560×1600) but also a “high-definition hud” option.

This option makes the hud smaller and at the same time arranges it so that it looks well placed in the new resolution you picked, this improves the game in several areas:

  •  dds compression becomes less visible, if you have ever made a hud for PSO BB then you know you can’t use the .xvr compression, so you use .dds, but the compression can only be avoided on very simple huds, the more complex it is the more detail is lost, making the hud smaller makes these aspects less visible and in no way affects the overall quality of the interface.
  •  more visible area, let’s the honest, the interface for PSO BB is way to big, making it smaller makes you able to see your surroundings better because you don’t have the hud in the way.

eden 1

  •  Game visual quality improves, while in no way you use something with better quality, the game visually gets better, nearly everything seems to be placed exactly where you wanted

eden 2

  •  Unexpected things are improved, the change log at the patch server for example, you can read more info than before without scrolling, i was happily surprised to see this.

eden 3

Tofuman was also spot on the dimension of the hud as making it to tiny makes the interface worthless, how can you see how much health you have when the numbers and the green bar are so small? Here that was taken into account so that it’s small but not too small to the point were it becomes uncomfortable. A very nice touch indeed.

Is it perfect? No, the launcher will make changes to the game exe before it is launched and it was made so that it covers the majority of the interface, but not all of it has been addressed, char creation or char selection screen are examples where the interface hasn’t been tweaked to compensate the extra space, the hud decreased in size but it’s still stuck in a corner in a very similar way compared to PSO v2.
Still it’s nothing that ruins the main experience of the game and the launcher has been receiving updates to address small elements that were missed, so it’s a work in progress.If you find an element that is in an incorrect place, then contact tofuman at eden serv forum and maybe he will fix it in the next launcher update.

Before proceeding to the topic to download the launcher, make sure you understand 2 things:

  • The launcher topic is on eden server forums, you can only view the topic if you are a member at the forums, if you don’t have an account, make one.
  • The launcher works with Eden’s PSO exes, it’s something made to work at EDEN server, it’s an addition to the community itself that plays the game on the server, i don’t know if it can be used elsewhere. If it doesn’t work with another server or with other exes then you know the reason.

You can find the Launcher topic here: http://forum.edenserv.net//viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3651
The topic contains information that you should check, including installation, download and what resolutions will triger the hud arrangement.

As for PSO v2, the game works in a very different way, after all it was made with 1 single resolution in mind and changing dynamically the positions of the hud elements depending on the resolution is something that might not be possible in PSO v2.