Phantasy Star assets

I have seen this a long time ago, possibly around the same time it was made (2011) and i found the images just incredible, the Axios user at polycount forums decided to remake the assets in PSO and then he placed them in a custom forest environment created by him. The result, perfection in every single detail, one of the images i used as a background here was made by him.

His work doesn’t only have PSO assets, he made models of other things, you can check his website for all the stuff including some color saturated versions of the PSO environment.

Obviously things didn’t appear just like that, 1st he modeled some basic objects like boxes and fences

Then textures and other effects were added, making these assets become amazing

In the end the final work was presented, contained the objects, fauna, background, lighting, the works.



A user named DarkForce has a blog similar to mine and he has very unique screenshots of PSO BB, something i don’t quite know how to do, but he does.
My screenshots are usually high res with high graphical detail, but DarkForce did something different, quality isn’t insanely high but that’s not the main focus here, he did panorama images and he used several screenshots to build them.
Thanks to some of the tools available like “no hud” or “camera change”, he was able to take clean screenshots while he turned around himself, the result are these panorama images that can have more than 5000 width, that is impressive.

You can check his work on PSO BB and other games such as PSU (phantasy star universe) on his blog EmergentLandscapes
Maybe we will see some PSO2 panoramas in the future, who knows.

I’ll leave just a sample here



I changed the way i post images on my blog, i have decided to use the word press interface and my reaction to using it is “why haven’t i used this before?”
I am tired of having imageshack images disappear, getting resized or breaking my blog posts because the thumbnail is gone (causes the full image to appear here, even if it doesn’t fit), postimg was an alternative, but it seems images are visible to some, but not visible to others and they change the url to the image itself constantly, so what once worked, now redirects to a postimg website with the image itself.

This happens over and over and i’m not in the mood to keep track of all the images in my blog, so while it is a work in progress i have already changed many links of images and in some cases i even changed the way they are presented, you can check slide shows and even view the full size image in some cases.

I am also using a single “download” image that is being placed on posts as we speak, if you revisit old posts such as the Blood textures you will notice some changes, now images hopefully won’t break, downloads will be easily spotted and identified and you will have a better interface to view the preview screenshots.

Happy Hunting.