echelon skin title

Usually in games, updates come with a heavy amount of content compared to PSO, in this game it’s usually an event, maybe a new weapon, a few new commands no one uses, a new broken quest and so on, but echelon has made something very substantial, not only he’s one of the best skinners around, he managed to tweak several different files and make it available for download in 1 big pack, currently it’s in the version 1.3 and it’s the most substantial visual mod around.

Area textures, particles, effects textures, enemy textures, char textures, title screen, char creation screen, Hud, font and much more have been tweaked to resemble PSO 2, a more recent game from the phantasy star franchise.
The quality and detail are sublime and will please a big amount of players that seek something visually new, some of the skins here have been ported (and tweaked if necessary) to PSO v2 by me, simply because they look great, here however the download is for PSO BB.

The list of changes are quite big, so make sure you backup the files before with this huge skin pack, you can find his topic here

You can also find his preview video here

Really nice work echelon, 5 stars


ae7pIf you like specific things but you are unsure what files you need to replace then you can download this installer and check what changes you want, once done the installer will replace only the selected items.



During this time i have been playing with some camera tools on Eden server, decided to explore what they can do by making 2 videos of me exploring, took the opportunity to display echelon skins aswell but then something came to my mind, panoramas.

Initially PSO v2 was the best for that sort of thing, because there is a camera that allows for rotation around your char, but it wasn’t ideal, so i went to PSO BB and used the new tools to do 180º panorama screenshots at high quality, i also created something i can’t post here (wordpress file limitation), might post a link to a download in the future, but i created some flash interactive screenshots, in short these panoramas are used so that you can actually rotate around yourself to see all the screenshot, my goal will be to try to not only display 180º screenshots, but 360º AND a full horizontal and vertical screenshot to the point where you can rotate anywhere and still see the image, might be the next step for a skin preview for example.
Reminds me in a way of google street view, you might not be able to advance forward, but you can use your mouse to look around.

Here’s the 2 videos, sadly the frame rate is a bit wonky, but I can’t do anything.

As for my test panoramas, i think they came out decent, might be an issue or 2, but for the most part they look amazing