How long has it been without me posting something about schtserv? Quite a long time right? Let’s break that trend shall we.
Schtserv has been doing changes for the past weeks, the changes themselves are not that important, but they stack on other things creating a problem for GC ep1&2 players.

It begins with forced registrations for GC players, this itself is not problematic and it is something that hasn’t happened yet, but it seems that is the intention, Cranberry (schtserv GM) has opposed this change, this prompted the staff to kick her out.
There are situations were the staff disagrees with certain changes and actions, so this was a surprising at least to me, never expected what is probably the best schtserv staff member to be kicked over an issue this trivial, i know some of the staff didn’t like her and i’m sure she knew aswell, maybe this was the perfect excuse to get rid of her.Cranberry is an interesting person, her reputation wasn’t always in good shape since she belonged to schtserv, so sometimes players questioned that decision, however she seems to have been stuck with schtserv because she was the bridge between players and staff, players even asked her to remain on the staff because (for a lack of a better person) she was the most trustworthy of the bunch. She endured the criticism because her goal in the end was simple, to help players in the best way possible.

Obviously she can’t do everything on her own so the rest of the staff is required, but truth has to be told, GC section never received the attention it deserved, no matter how hard Cranberry tried, the apes at schtserv always let her down and the players.

GC players are in a significant part old PSO players so they know these issues in 1st hand, but the goal is always the same, to be able to play PSO, drama is something that doesn’t really bother players.

Now, forced registrations aren’t a big issue, both Sylverant and L33tserv have them, so what differs on schtserv?

If you’re a PSO v2 player and you tried registering you already know this, registration is manual, might take weeks, might be rejected, message might not be received by the staff, the staff might forget it, you might try to send a 2nd message that will also take weeks and in the end registrations can’t be done because something is broken.
Even if you are past that, you will have to deal with low population and the common “server being down” thingy.
Effort doesn’t pay off.

Here’s a portion of what cranberry stated:

Since its not possible to register anyone on GameCube, forcing registrations means that no new players are able to join, and everyone that isn’t already registered would be kicked off.

This can be changed, maybe the rest of the staff will be super motivated to do registrations (let’s not forget, Cranberry dealt with the registrations on pso v2), maybe the registrations will be working, but like i said, there is another issue that comes afterwards.

Schtserv staff and admins have always tried to bash other communities while boosting their own ego when it came to schtserv itself, on the top of my mind i remember an admin bashing izakaya server stating that even at its peak time the population was low, we also see the staff saying the usual “there is around 15 players on gc right now”, however recently they went on a mad hunt for GC players to justify an event, i guess that sums it up, it’s a clear lack of confidence, if there was as many players they often say there were, they wouldn’t be asking GC players if they are going to play or not.

Now this isn’t exactly bad news, it’s actually good news, Cranberry receives a boost in reputation, Cranberry can recover her mental stability (schtserv apes can drive anyone mad) , the server gives more reasons for players to leave and in the very best, server will remain the same as it was before, no updates or worthwhile changes, that’s great really.
The only downside will be the staff that will replace Cranberry, but i guess one way to deal with them is by not interacting. Trust me, if you talk with the rest of the staff, you will be disappointed.

Some of you are asking if there is any alternatives, yes there are, take L33tserv for example, server is up fairly often, registrations are mandatory but they work, meaning you can actually register and you have some of the most well-known PSO players in the forums, Kroniedon, Mewone, tueidj (Wii support for PSO), Captain N, Aurelli and even Cranberry herself. If you liked Cranberry before then she is still around, just probably not helping schtserv anymore.

A long time ago i mentioned that a change regarding the GC portion of schtserv would happen, these issues are not it, that means there is still something bound to happen in the future. It’s not a huge deal, but remember that GC schtserv has a lot of tiny problems that end up adding up, it’s the server stability, the registrations, the staff, the connections, the events, the population BS and so on.

On L33tserv and Sylverant (to a certain extent given that a schtserv staff member is also there) at least you won’t be tricked and you certainly won’t be forced to use something that doesn’t work.
If we let the drama and issues asside you’ll see that some players simply want a place to play and sadly they only know schtserv, when the forced registrations kicks already existing players and prevent the new ones from joining, it will be actually a good thing, motivation to play will make players seek other servers.
Only 1 version of the game is left to fall, PSO BB.