Hope everyone have had a happy holidays, i personally didn’t make many posts in 2014 but i did more than what i initially tought so it ain’t that bad.
Like last year, i will make some stats on the blog available to the public, but i certainly need to comment on that.

You will see on the stats that a particular story about schtserv is still popular, it grew to a point where anything related to schtserv, whether it’s good or bad gets searched and eventually they end up here, it doesn’t help players connect to the server and it doesn’t have info on broken registrations, but it does give a hint as to why schtserv is on live support atm (and “oddly” without any request for any new required donations)
It’s an interesting thing in the end, something that was very popular in the past requested donations after donations on top of the transactions for the items, and now with the server being populated by just a few players it doesn’t require donations.

You see, members do check other things that have happened before, like aleronives bashing on autoconnect disks, but those views only happen when someone searches deep enough, so skins, tools and the widescreen become far more popular, that’s good, players focus more on the good things instead of searching drama that explains why they can’t register somewhere.
Schtserv story sadly doesn’t comply to this and gets viewed far more than anything else, it’s something that reached the point of being “unpleasant”, especially now that the story is linked on Reddit.
Anyone can link it and I’m not going to remove the post, but i wished that the good things in PSO were viewed more.


As a request for 2015 and if you have found this blog because of an issue regarding schthack, or an event, or a member, make sure to check other posts, maybe you will find a specific skin or a specific tool far more interesting.

On another note, improving PSO v2 visual quality has also been viewed a lot, impressive for a post from 2011, changing the particles, the textures, the settings and by using a higher version of the game can definitely improve the environment, can it surpass PSO BB? I’ll make a blog post about that in the future.
While not in a higher res, my hud is still pretty popular, by reaching 600 downloads on univers-ps it is one of the most downloaded hud skins of all time (surpassing some of the PSO BB huds) and it is the number 1 for PSO v2.You can check most of my skins here or download the entire pack here

I’m not into PSO as much as i was, i have been busy with Warframe atm (free to play 3rd person shooter), it’s like a mix between Mass effect and Phantasy Star Online and i have been enjoying it for quite some time now, so if you wish to find me, try to find me on warframe instead of a PSO server.
To be honest, already found 3 PSO players in warframe and we bumped into each other because of PSO, who knows, maybe i will see many more.

In any case i still check PSO related subjects on forums, i may not post much, but i am there reading.

I also Reuploaded many images here, fixed links and made the presentation a bit better in many posts, especially the skin ones, hopefully now you will be able to see the preview screenshots and download the skins as i originally intended.

Happy 2015