There was once an issue with Ultima awhile ago and i had to drop the link and support, i was seeing the issues every now and then but i decided to participate in the forums, you know, show some activity, i took the full blow with the issues that arrived and i learned from that, it’s better to act when there are some acceptable level of issues, delaying it only makes it worse, i left activity during the day and when i came back to participate on the forums it was night already, i made a mistake to neglect a community for so long.

So i decided to check my stance with some of the links on top to see if everything of those communities is running smooth, sometimes i make adjustments and some ppl ask why i removed or why some websites are still mentioned, one that is often used for comparison is Sylverant, the popular server for PSO V2 that has a very good guide for connecting.
Sylverant isn’t perfect and sometimes players complain that other websites that offer better content and info are not mentioned while sylverant is, i recognize the problems and so do some ppl and that is why they question ” why sylverant and not “us”? “.

Sylverant has a lot of documentation, well presented guide for connecting and there are a few share of players like myself who give info regarding PSO mechanics, so in general it’s a nice place for casual PSO gaming, there are however veterans, some of them made skins, some made mods to try to balance the game and some will even help you clear the hardest quests in the game, the problem is what you can and cannot do.

When it comes to mods, which ones are allowed, why they are allowed, you have to wonder who you ask that.
Asking the players may not be the best solution, asking the GMs is pointless as they will ask Bluecrab for clarification, asking Impulse (dc-talk admin) is pointless, Asking aleronives is a mistake since he often lies or brings subjects that have no reason the be brought up (usually they are just so he can bash them), so the only solution is to go to BlueCrab himself.

That’s when the problems happen, what he tells you seems to be right, he will even explain some controversial (and biased) decisions, there has been even a moment where he clarified a question i had regarding mods that fit his description of allowed, meaning the ones that can’t be detected such as other client sided mods, now the question was made after i stated that his statements were unreliable, so asking him things served no purpose, STILL, i made an effort since he was the only one who could clarify things, out of everyone i deposited some faith into what he was saying.

I mentioned the details on another post such as the one where you had to tell the other players what you had and if they were ok with it, this refers to mods that can’t be detected but are not on the list of allowed, i remind players that the list included a popular mod simply because it couldn’t be detected, other mods sadly could not be included even if they obeyed this rule of inclusion, it was stated (much, much later) that they had to be “balanced”, oddly this was never mentioned when players accused the decision of being biased.

In any case i displayed the details and warned everyone about its unreliability, it might not reach the levels of Lee or Aleronives of unreliability where they simply lie, but you couldn’t really take it seriously either.
Guess what, an innocent discussion regarding the use of codes to unlock areas (not detected by any scanner i might add) popped the discussion again in which bluecrab stated “Technically, it is against the rules.” but that in the end he didn’t care.

So to sum the statements i posted a resume of the things he himself said.

You said that certain things were allowed because they couldn’t be detected, if they can’t be detected, you can’t judge that person gameplay no matter how non original it may be. The problem was the narrow view that included only 1 single thing while neglecting all the other mods/patches, some of which are of the same nature as the one allowed, but since that was neglected the easy way out was the one chosen, we allow 1 thing, we neglect the rest, no questions asked about what they are.
You used a “condition” or a “rule” to accept a mod (this was the explanation given when some players complained), ignoring the fact that the rule included far many other mods, so instead, you allowed 1 and you disallowed everything else.
Some players considered it “biased”

Then, things that fall outside the legit checker (this is the case) must be mentioned to the other players, but there was no specification if it was allowed or not, you said it as a recommendation, a way to approach other players.
I agree, you shouldn’t just enter a game and ruin it, it may be allowed but acting like an idiot isn’t ideal either.

Then now you state it’s not allowed.


You asked.

This created a discussion of what the hell were we supposed to do since he said 3 different things.
You can read the small discussion here:  (so you don’t say i ain’t sharing his point of view)

If i am going to post important updates or changes, i have to rely on them, sadly i can’t and for that I removed sylverant from the links I recommend, if it’s already this bad with 1 person and 1 question, how unreliable will things be if i add the other 2 admins, the GMs and the players into the mix, i simply can’t imagine.
Nothing clarifying comes out of bluecrab, asking him is as pointless as asking anyone, he will state something here, PM you something else and later on post something different again.

I want to promote gameplay changes, new things to do in sylverant and things that improve your PSO experience, but i can’t mention them, talking about them will surely make me talk about them again because “something” changed or because someone received something different in a PM.
I have literally no reason to talk about them, the information is wrong right off the bat.

It’s just that, Unreliable information, i knew it, i did a leap of faith and I got the same result.
If it was a GM, or info from 2 admins, it would be nearly acceptable, but it’s the same person, i can’t defend him and neither should I have that work, in his mind everything works fine, sadly he is unable to explain things.

I will still post and help players in the forums, I’m not going to leave, I simply cannot expand the sylverant news here, at least not now.

If you have a website or project related to PSO and would like me to link and talk about it, send me a message or comment here, I will analyze and see if it’s worth it.
There are other websites and servers that share sylverant tools for connecting to the servers (like the PSO Patcher), so they are nearly on par with sylverant connecting methods, while at the same time displaying info that can be used by anyone, i would love to promote news regarding PSO, just make sure the info you send me is reliable, please.