pso r TITLE

5 months or so ago a nice and interesting topic appeared on the PSO Reddit, a team was developing in the unity engine a PSO remake game and was asking around if fans were interested in helping.
This topic gathered a few dedicated fans and in the end a small team was made, some of them being quite popular, from a PSO Eden server admin named Rupikachu to a PSO BB skinner such as Gama.
Each user worked on one or several things, this means one did reverse engineering on file format, others did programing, Rupikachu for example helped with the UI and recently a playable demo was released.

Do not expect this to be a fully playable game, this is more a proof of concept to demonstrate the actual progress that was done since that time and i must say i am impressed, i also like 2 things:

– Although basic, it does contain some graphical options, so you can tweak things to improve performance. (these will be inserted into the game ui in the future)
– Several builds were made for several Operating Systems, this includes 2 builds for windows, Linux and mac.

If you want to participate, help, question or report issues, check the topic at Reddit, it also contains more information, download links and you will interact with the creators of this remake.


Here are 2 screenshots i took. (altough in my system the shadows aren’t rendering properly)