dusting schtserv

15/08/15 Edit: added GM forum section leaks

In this post i will be talking about schtserv/schthack PSO server so as many expect this will be a bashing post (since its schtserv did you really expect anything else?)
For those unaware Schtserv has been having difficulties remaining stable for months now, one can even say the server died years ago, but thanks to hard work it remained “operational”, however recently schtserv wasn’t working properly as the server was down, this combined with the registration being down aswell the server wasn’t really an option to play PSO, it was for some players because they invested time and effort building characters in that server, there was also a few mods with no clue on what was going on (miureth, arelh) who decided to put some faith into the situation and spread the word that the server was down just temporarily and that it would be back up soon, they announced this on Facebook, on the forums, they rejected anyone contesting this and they would even say that some players or PSO fans were just haters or “emos”.

Server went down for more time than the expected (because again the mods had no clue although they pretended they did) and the mods tried to contain the situation, while at the same time player left the server to play elsewhere.

And NOW the reason has appeared, now remember that i don’t hold this as an absolute reliable information, since it comes from crono, the current schtserv administrator, it is likely that you don’t know much about him since he has been missing for years, but among the greatest things he done i do recall some things, namely:

  • Requesting donations to keep server going while it was popular, but not asking for donations when there is almost no one on the server (suddenly the server didn’t need donations, a miracle some say)
  • Requesting a 2nd wave of donations to keep the forum going this time shortly after the 1st wave of donations, Players posting questions as to where the previous donation money went were deleted.
  • Selling items but not announcing this as a feature on the server, any questions regarding who to contact to make these transactions would be quickly moderated by the mods while at the same time saying that you could not buy items from the admins (as you can see, moderators had no clue since then, either that or they were hypocrites or retarded).
  • Creating this strategy where staff would impersonate someone else on other forums to sell items, then banning the user once the cash transaction was done under the pretext “buying items from hackers isn’t allowed”, this highly immoral strategy gets rid of the players, gets you income and you can even blame someone else while you do it, You can read this on my other blog posts.
  • Not taking care of donations properly, if you probably read the donation topic to be a “Mr cat” (a 2x exp group) you will see countless players complaining about extra time they didn’t pay, taking to long to get the status or not getting the status at all. In other words, it was a service that was in a large part not delivered to players. Before the schthack staff crew can say sweet things like “we will get on it and fix those issues eventually” i can tell you that this has remained like this for months if not years, so it’s pointless to try now.

Note: these are only a few of the issues with the admin, there are plenty more situations where the admin and the rest of the staff are presented as one of the worst administrations that i ever seen, with the original server admin (schthack himself) there was double standards and corruption for sure, but this one took it to another level with downright terrible administration, donations, item selling, scams, services that were never done, outdated information, no events, problems created to stop cheaters (antihack.dll, aka the cannon ball to kill ants), registrations down, server down, not caring for concerns or feedback.

Now for the quote itself: (take this with a grain of salt)

Alright so, a lot of you obviously know the server has been down for some time now. Although I tried to get the problem fixed, it was to no avail.

The problem is my hard drive with ALLLL your accounts and server itself died. I still have the server, that’s not the problem, the issue was trying to get all your accounts back. I failed in getting it fixed and now the only way to put this server back up is to start fresh by buying a new hdd.

I know a lot of you will either move or hate that all the accounts are gone. So I will let all of you post here *within rules of the forums* and talk about if you would rather start fresh, or you can simple post and express your anger (Only if it’s about me). Please do not bash the server/team, as the HDD issue was my fault, no one else’s.

My sincerest apologies,
– Crono114

You can read the topic here: http://schtserv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=97716

Well, there you have it, all your accounts on schtserv seem to be gone forever.
You know what’s funny this? Interacting with schtserv staff was always either pointless or painful, still many wanted to be part of the crew (for a reason i never figured it out) but in the end you will have to deal with the staff on a daily basis.
Some players and probably all of the staff at schthack always took some time to understand how things worked (the brain needs some time to process stuff), so this chatting with staff despite ending with the same result every time, players still had some hope that the next time it would be different.
It was never different, staff that played the game also have their account information gone, so to play the game again means starting from scratch and that is why a pool on the topic exists, do you want to continue to suffer, do you want schtserv to die or you haven’t decided yet?
Something of the sort will happen if you continue on, some ppl still stick to crono’s side even after years of problems, unfulfilled promises/services and multiple issues with forums and the server, to this day i still wonder if miureth and arelh are human, giving the dedication and love they have to schtserv.

I will be honest, schthack staff hate on my blog has been minimal but it existed, miureth even recommended that i backed up the blog since schthack staff had intentions to “do something”, but alas nothing happened and in the end i wasn’t concerned, all i can say is that if they dedicated their efforts to making the server stable instead of trying to shut me or other players down, then probably this blog post wouldn’t exist.

To all the corrupt, incompetent and retarded staff at schthack.



Recently over at Diadu forums, brandon released html pages that had been stored over the years, containing information on account bans, account verification and some discussions regarding server or certain players.
Many pages were released, but the best part is that it gives you an idea how schtserv works, for example, have you ever done witch hunting like reporting a user without being to sure if the items he had were actually obtained in a legit way? do not be concerned, schthack staff did this aswell, many times they were unsure on how to proceed because in the end just like players, they didn’t know if certain items were legit or not, obviously they discussed the issue before doing anything, still sometimes they were the ones doing witch hunts, not the players.

Another peculiar moment is when the staff decided to make the “donation for item” system, where donations would grant you certain items, before this system was public you could not buy items from admins right? Wrong, you could buy them if you privately contacted them, if however you asked on the forums on how to do these transactions, it would be locked by a mod with the statement “you can’t buy/donate for items”
You might be thinking, maybe the mods didn’t know right? Well, i don’t think that’s the case, you see, among the leaks i found a topic where the staff discusses if a certain item bought from crono himself was or wasn’t traded afterwards (it seems the server has a rule where you can’t trade or sell items you purchased from the staff) and this topic predates the “donation for item” system. So some of the staff that locked those topics are the ones discussing this issue, so they knew certain players were buying items from the staff. Just lol.

This system seems to have been implemented to stop players from buying items from hackers, if you buy it from the staff themselves you technically support the server right?
Here’s a quote from Lee himself.

who would you rather pay money to, someone crashing the server to give you items, or to fund the server itself.

Funding the server? we all know how that turned out.

Another interesting thing is that in order to review the player they sometimes use inventory scans and forum warnings, despite being a long statement that forum and accounts in-game are handled separately, it seems they use forum warnings to bias the decision, it doesn’t happen every time but every now and then the warnings on the forums redirect the rest of the staff for the decision they will have to make even if sometimes they aren’t related in any way.

Have you ever discussed the server current situation on the forums? (being down, admin not active, bugs not fixed, unbalance issues, registration not working, low pop) then rest assured the staff has also discussed these things in the GM section and you can find more technical things such as bringing old commands back to facilitate some GM actions, however the input from crono does appear in some of them, usually saying that eventually he will get around to change the main website or fix some issues on the server or forum, thing is, some of these statements are 3 years old, have you really see any changes on the main website since then? well, you have actually, the registration system on the website broke, that’s a change right?
Not that it matters, there isn’t accounts, items and even GM issues atm, everything was wiped clean.

Time Attack (TA) seems to be an issue aswell, locked topics, witch hunting and even hacking or trainer usage on some of the players that did TA exist in this leaked content

Remember when someone leaked the “cash for item” transactions on schthack? now you don’t need to check copy and pasted versions of the post or check the YouTube video, you can check it directly here.

If you were banned unfairly because a legit item of yours was removed, if you think someone framed you, if you think the decisions made by the staff regarding accounts or item deletion were unfair then give a look yourself, it might be a bit hard for you to find an issue were you are involved but that’s why I’m providing 2 links.

Here you can see the leaked pages 1 by 1 at diadu.net under the schthack archive:

If on the other hand you want to search the content for your nickname then you can always download everything:

Have Fun 😉