Ephinea banner cópia

For some time now there has been a server that caught my attention, Ephinea, a server administrated by Sodaboy, one of the heads of the Tethealla project.
One of the things that many other servers have is that they try to provide something different when compared to other servers, so they change drops, add events or skins so that they end up being unique.
This does have some downsides, if you happen to change servers there’s an entire relearning process, exp multipliers, different drops and drop rates may sound unappealing to some users and while it’s true that some like it, some still prefer something closer to the original

That’s Ephinea, the concept of the server is to provide a PSO BB server that is reliable and tries to have no changes regarding drops or exp multipliers, something you would call a vanilla server.
The server still has some additions that improve the gameplay experience such as an active administration, server commands to use in-game, common bank and so on, but regarding to drops and exp, you will likely feel as if you are playing the original game and you will likely even use official drop charts to determine the drops.
It’s also a reliable server when it comes to data and the goal is simply to provide a fun server to anyone that wants to join, due to the recent incident with another servers data, the users that left the server found this one as a welcomed change and so far they feel happy playing here.
It’s still a work in progress and changes or fixes may happen in the future, but if you want a basic server to play PSO BB without having to deal with data problems or unbalanced features then give this one a try.

You can check the main page here: http://www.pioneer2.net/
You can then select and go to either the forums or go to the main page of the server where you will be able to download the client or register an account, it’s very simple, intuitive and it’s working.

I will also add the server to the links on top, to all PSO players, happy hunting.