Dragon area skin2 cópia

Echelon released recently a skin for the dragon area for PSO BB, i enjoyed the result so much that i decided to port the area to V2, not only this improves the general look of the area but it also contains higher resolution images, most notably the night sky.
My initial approach by exporting images in pvr didn’t wield the best results, as there was color and quality loss (due to the default options on pvr exporting), while on the ground that can be neglected the night sky was something i couldn’t let go, so i exported the images in bmp instead and then depending on the use of said texture i would decide on how many bits i would use for the RGB channels, long story short the more bits the better the quality, however by doing so you limit the usage of the alpha channel, so each texture was analyzed and the final pvr image created, opaque images get the best quality, some may have a 1 bit alpha and less quality (non noticeable) and the ice in the arena is translucent (quality loss is also not noticeable).
But yes that sky had to remain with the same quality as it is gorgeous to look at.
There is sadly a sky texture that doesn’t really fit the remaining ones, since the night sky isn’t exactly just white dots on a black background, it gets tricky to get such texture to fit all the textures in the sky, fortunately the majority of the fight is in the ground so you can’t see the issue all that much.

The ice was my own doing, since i didn’t have the files echelon used, I grabbed the textures from the mod and from the original PSO and I tweaked them to match the arena, the translucent reflection ice effect is cool to look at in my opinion.
The issue with aurora is something i can’t fix, while there are some ppl that remove black areas in textures and call it a “fix”, i won’t certainly do that, yes there is an issue with how transparent textures behave in PSO v2.
I optimized the file by replacing 100% transparent images by smaller versions of said transparent images, still the final files are larger than the sega original files due to the higher resolution images.

Echelon for the original content


Unzip and drop the PSO Folder into the media folder in your Phantasy star online installation, usually located in:
This replaces 2 files, one for the area textures and another one for the ice effect that is used during the fight against the dragon



Screens: (these do not contain bloom as that would make the pictures way to bright)