2016_title_2 cópia

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year.
While not game changing  there was a shift in attention from schthack related content to other things PSO related, such as skins, tools, images and so on. One could say that it’s because schthack is no longer a valid server, however i noticed this way before schthack was having issues.

I do plan on porting an echelon lobby skin in the future for PSO V2, but aside from that i have no idea if i will release or talk about anything else, Ephinea and Eden servers may announce some things, but for events and small changes it’s always better to check the websites themselves.
For sylverant i can’t do much, since dialogue is next to nill it’s hard to actually take anything seriously, especially since there have been several situations that had contradictory information and I’m not in the mood to correct them over and over.L33tserv continues to be a great server for PSO GC players, new servers have appeared for PSO BB such as Sieglindepso

There has been a recent interest in making animations by using the models in PSO, like a PSO animation project, you can read the stuff here.

If you are interested in seeing some of the stats on my blog, you can visit this page: https://kireekpso.wordpress.com/2015/annual-report/


Now, for a situation that i tried to resolve but failed.
1st some back story, many ppl over the years used skins, wallpapers or certain screenshots that i provided here, at univers-ps or at deviant art as a way to decorate websites or to promote content.
Some users actually ask me for permission and i would say that i am fairly permissive since pretty much everything is allowed, it’s just a wallpaper or a screenshot, sometimes I’m the one that makes the banners and in the end why wouldn’t they be allowed to use the images?
Well, there are a couple of reasons, dubious content like scams is something i don’t want certain images to promote, but hardly anything falls on that category besides schthack, other reasons may be for example my support with a certain website or staff, if you disrespect me in a way that is beyond reasonable you can forget any help, ultima server is an example, the final reason that i may not accept is monetization, for example if you run a server that accepts donations.
This final one i may accept depending on the status of the server with me and vice versa, some servers i’m ok with providing them with screenshots or making banners like eden server.

I have had several situations where images or skins were being used by either entities that i don’t support or content that i don’t support (monetization related), for the most part after talking to the individuals, everything would be fixed, banners changed, skins removed, there was only one time where i had to find another way to deal with the issue, schthack decided to hype and advertise the server by using certain images (like the ones with really good quality on my deviant art) and since dialogue isn’t an option i decided to ask for a takedown of the post, with that matter solved i tought i would never see another one again.

I was wrong.
Ultima sometimes uses these images for banners and while talking to them works, it seems recently they made the mistake again, not only that but the banner changed only for a few days, so the original (that contained a popular background) remained there, advertising an event on a server that monetizes the content and that i don’t support.They don’t like me all that much, but at the same time they like me otherwise they wouldn’t able to find PSO images to make the banners, they probably can’t take screenshots or they don’t have anyone capable of doing the stuff, the mentality seems to be “if they can see it, they can use it”.
While this isn’t a huge deal, i prefer not making exceptions otherwise everyone will want to be in that situation, in other words, do you want to use screenshots and wallpapers on your website, you are free to ask and it’s likely that i will accept it even if you make a profit out of it, if on the other hand you belong to schthack or ultima staff then you can forget it, find someone else to stomp.

So to be clear, while you may see familiar stuff at ultima (banners or other content) don’t assume i had anything to do with the creation of said content, because trust me, i haven’t.

On a personal note: I remember reading a message from someone saying that “ultima had changed since then”,”we are better now” and i realized recently that hardly seems to be the case.