As you probably are aware, schthack is back, or at least the server name and some of the moderation staff is, i don’t actually mean you will be able to use your 2 year account that existed before, that is long gone and so are some of the players that played there, it goes back to how long you can tolerate dreadful management and corruption, some players left way before the server was having issues and some players left only recently, on the other hand some players never actually leave and are happy that a server named schthack is back, if it’s “popular” then it must have players playing and for many that is the most essential thing, nevermind the witch hunting, the scams, the unfulfilled donation services, the corruption and the items handled under the table, for some ppl those things don’t matter, 3k in donations gone? no worries, here are 3k more for you.

While many do support schthack staff (fans i guess), most of them will not actually defend all of what schthack staff has done.
Do note i am using schthack staff and not just crono, this is because in its majority, all the moderation has made several mistakes over time, not just saying with situations i experienced, but with many other players, make no mistake, while you may see ex-staff on Ephinea and in other forums complaining about what crono and others have done, they do this to try to regain some understanding from other players, they try to make it seem only crono caused a reign of terror at schthack, but reality is the staff did it.

It’s obvious crono did a mess, but none of that is related with statements such as “autoconnect disks will VK kill after 1000 hours”, or defending those statements because who knows, maybe aleronives was right, i am sorry if i lack the examples to describe it, this one was the only one on the top of my head, but there was numerous situations from all the staff. (stating more examples detract from my original post, but trust me, i lack the fingers to state the several intentional mistakes that the staff did)

I do see that despite not apologizing and even bragging that some actions were done because they thought they were doing the right thing, they do try to welcome everyone…..even me.

Some of you know me, i do not reward lack of effort otherwise it gets perpetuated, so I ask to schthack staff.
How much effort was placed when i got banned on schthack forums? (to revert the ban that is)
With that matter out-of-the-way now comes the amount of effort that i will place on understanding this “new and revamped staff” (that is in a large part old staff), which is none.

So while there might be lot’s of dumb “i only play for 3 weeks” newbies filling up the forums, please do not ask me to participate in this hypocrisy of a forum, schthack staff has managed to scatter and scare away so many players and staff. Bans, corrupted data, staff that contributed with donations and then realized that the money went down the drain, that and more caused players to flee and find other servers to enjoy the game.
Everyone is free to make the same mistakes 10 times, but i will invest attention elsewhere.

Schthack came back, but aside from the name and the poor saps (the staff) what does schthack bring different to the table?

Well, aside from a half-baked server that doesn’t have proper ppl to test connections on PC, DC and GC (because some of them don’t work) i did noticed that they brought the rule of allowing cheating and hacking as long you don’t interfere with the legit gameplay, the PSO BB client also has the antihack.dll, issues playing the game with other things in the background may appear.

This doesn’t make much sense to me, but something similar did appear on Ephinea, but they did tackle the idea by making a sandbox mode, where you have a specific account that can’t interact with legit accounts in public games and you are granted commands to create items and lvl up for example.
This is a skinner and minmax builders paradise as you can test things and socialize without compromising the server or the players, the server itself gives you the tools to do whatever you want (within the allowed commands)

Schthack on the other hand, allows cheats and hacks, making witch hunting a severe problem in the future, TA missions and events will have less credibility and while you allow the behavior, you have to cheat on a different ship, so you eliminate the social aspect, making it likely ppl will cheat on the main ship. But, at the same time you have antihack.dll
I don’t think schthack has a clear direction at this point and they are essentially asking for players to test things, the main concern that i have about schthack is that they fail to admit past mistakes and have no clear goal, they bring nothing new and instead bring problematic staff members as admins.

Schthack is essentially a can of worms, they ask the players that they scared away to return, who will fall for that?

Note: Popularity regarding the population is a different subject compared with the popularity of players knowing schthack (the one mentioned in this article), regarding population schthack isn’t the server with the highest players, this affects all platforms and all game variants of phantasy star online.