I was bored so i decided and went to PSO to take some screenshots with bloom enabled while using one of my highest resolution exes, i took special precautions to remove the hud and made sure no particles were visible (this is because my 2560×1600 exe doesn’t have the particles centered)

Could i go beyond this? Yes, it’s quite interesting to know PSO v2 on pc is the only game i have that will run at a resolution higher than my monitor (if window mode), sadly i can’t take a screenshot to show you as the game crashes instantly when i do.

Yes some of the screenshots may contain texture edits.

Want me to cover a particular area or skin, let me know in the comments.

Good images right? but those are pretty much the highest i can go, like i said, anything above that and the game crashes when i take the screenshot, i can still show how it looks, just not in the way you would expect.

For example, this image right here, seems pretty normal right? but the game is running at the 4k resolution (4096 x 2160)

pso high res

You may not believe, after all my monitor isn’t 4k and i’m using a window a bit smaller than my monitor, but not only i feel a performance hit (without using any eye candy options) but you can see that my hud is so small you can’t even read how much health i got.
But if the hud isn’t enough, we can always look at the press start screen as the image used in the background was made for a 640×480 game (the image doesn’t fit 100%, but it’s close enough).
So if we load the press start screen, we get something like this

PSO high res 2


So there you go, PSO V2 running in 4K resolution, it’s honestly the best i can display.