PSO v2 is full of peculiarities with the increased resolution options, but the more you raise the resolution, less and less things work properly, once the res surpassed my monitor, fullscreen stops working alongside with the printscreen function (this due to the fact the function was meant for fullscreen, in window mode screenshots on backup folder will be messed up). If you go higher, screenshots can’t be taken with fraps and sadly no other program that i have found fixes this, fraps seems to be the only program that takes a screenshot at the resolution of the game itself, it’s not a cheap screen capture. If you go higher things such as ENB series can’t be activated and will cause the same issue as the screenshot, game will crash.

The game stops working entirely once the resolution reaches certain points, while i have once tried 10x the resolution of the game (6400 x 4800) just like many of the resolutions before hand, there is no way I can show you that the game was running at that res and the best I could was a desktop screenshot with the game running in window mode.

The limitation seemed to be on the 2560×1600 resolution, that is indeed the max resolution of my old graphics card, but it could also be a limitation of fraps, DirectX, drivers, OS, PSO and many other things.
Only one way to find out.

I asked on the Ephinea forums and i was lucky to find out someone who has access to more recent hardware, i mean if some games can run at 4K, then why not PSO, I’m not saying PSO is going to be 4k worthy, particles aren’t centered and many other things don’t work properly, the alpha version that i released so that players could see for themselves is no different to the version i made available to a member on Ephinea, only the res and the FOV are different, what is broken remains broken, the UI with your HP values become so small you can’t probably even see them properly.

Shichimiya was the person that offered help, i gave tools and a custom exe with the res 3840 x 2160 , minor complain here, i wish there was an easier way to download PSO v2 for pc besides a goddamn torrent file that no one seeds (i didn’t even bother) and while there is one (ty for that) it’s one with some mods included, namely the Portuguese translation.

From here it was entirely her own doing, she was in control and she took the screenshots, yes they were taken, that is something i could not do on my system and it’s quite interesting to see what will other users do.

The images have different graphical settings, there are no skins and there isn’t any bloom, so yes the image looks different from what i usually take, still Shichimiya used some of the tools, namely she warped to other areas and even removed the hud, that’s pretty good.

Credits to her as she took the highest resolution PSO screenshots to date, here’s one to demonstrate the achievement. Nothing similar is around.


If you wish to do the same then i have a small zip file and it contains launchers, patchers, trainers and the same PSO exe file i used, you can do it on your own, warp, change camera, patch the game (including patching for fullscreen and window mode) and play PSO, however in this res only your system will tell if it works or not.

Note: Unlike many popular games for popular platforms (PS4 Pro and Xbox One S), PSO does not cheat in order to play at 4k, the framerate will still be 30 fps at the most and the pixel rendering has no upscaling or no chessboard rendering (meaning it renders half the pixels and guesses the rest), so this is demanding on a graphical level.