If you have been around the PSO Reddit, then by now you probably saw something regarding a PSO remake, i have talked about this previously and even mentioned a playable demo about it, it contained the basics of PSO gameplay but it used some more modern engines and more modern assets to try to recreate something that looks and plays better.

While it’s true its several miles away from being a fully fleshed out game, it’s also good to note that the team isn’t all that big and it relies heavily of people’s expertise in certain areas to get things done.

The game currently has a more visual impact, the lightning, the models and the assets recreated all look great, it looks like PSO content was made more modern and the results are fantastic.

You can check the WordPress blog created for the effect as it will contain information regarding the progress.

You can also check the progress here:

If you would like to contribute, don’t be afraid to ask them, they will appreciate the help and who knows, maybe something truly special will appear in the future, didn’t many ppl scream for an HD version of PSO to be made? Here’s the opportunity.