I want to add a 2 notes to myself just incase i need them in the future, users are free to read the content if they want and I’m sure some users at DC-Talk, namely impulse and smith will find the 2nd note interesting, although it won’t add anything new to the way things were handled, it’s just a matter of whom to point the finger.

1st note:
The previous blog post contained at some point some information on schthack regarding assets being used on Facebook, it was placed there at 1st because i wanted to transmit the information that schthack doesn’t really say much, they just needed the images to create a subject and then they keep the hype with events, server being online “soon”, in other words, they made an effort in trying to extend schtserv “franchise” if that makes sense to you.
I do that to here, I honestly find the content and i might talk about it a little bit, but I’m not exactly searching for popularity, the difference with the Facebook at schthack is that they don’t search, they instead look at my blog, they check this “whole new world” out there and then they grab a few images, skins, wallpapers to keep the hype going.

There is nothing wrong to this, but you can’t expect to find more of the skins, images and assets by the Facebook page, when i posted this info on the previous page was because i kinda predicted that the assets from the PSO remake would eventually be used on Facebook (because they are here to begin with), sort of “look at this work someone else made, do you like it?”
This keeps the page fresh, but it does lack content, so if you want to check out the progress on PSO remake, head to the website itself or contact the creators on Reddit, on schthack Facebook you don’t have much info and neither they care about that.

Once example was a typo mistake, where someone claimed to have checked a certain forum (that I’m sure was never checked) and then they posted the news on Facebook.
The dark section is the post here on this blog, the white section is from schthack Facebook, i giggled a little bit.


Keep in mind that this only appeared when i talked about it and the same can be said about skins or other images, but that isn’t as obvious as this one.
Like i said, no big deal, this is just a note to self.

2nd note:

Back in 2009 when dreamcast talk had a PSO server, they used schthack software, it worked, it did what was necessary, but a certain entity named Lee told me and others that we weren’t allowed to use it, this software was given to nugz and then “leaked” according to Lee, this means that the tool designed to take down the server worked on dreamcast talk server, Lee told that the combination of several factors, including numerous backdoors, support of several ships and the functionality of the tool with the server made him certain that dc-talk contained software that wasn’t allowed to be used.
But who determined that we couldn’t use it, Lee quickly mentioned schthack himself, one of the original creators of the schthack software, an entity that many still remember.

Many arguments issued, with me asking slightly different questions and with Lee answering slightly different each time, but in short, schthack never allowed the server software to be used, so Lee had permission to take it down if necessary.
My questions (from what i can see in my logs) changed to the point of asking very specific questions regarding if schthack wanted it down, lee replied several times the same thing, but here’s 2 quotes:

it is wrong since the createer wants it down

he wants it down
I take it down

Ok, so, why don’t we talked to schthack himself? Well schthack was away so all we had been lee’s word, so he could be right.
I made some risky accusations, comparing Lee to Opt, if you were part of schthack server when it happened, Opt may have caused issues with schthack server and it wasn’t all that different from what Lee was doing to dc-talk server, however he didn’t take this lightly, he stated that there no comparison as he had a justification, all his actions were ok and demanded by the creator.

since i have justification from schthack to take down his software

Still talking to schthack could cause a change, so let’s see if he would change his decision, lee replied instantly with

he isn’t going to go back on his decision

So, i had a hunch that could be reality, what if Lee was doing this on his own free will and was blaming schthack in the process?

Dctalk changed software a few times, none of them pleasing Lee because the slight changes weren’t enough, dc-talk was fed up with the issue, used the software they wanted and patched the vulnerabilities, rendering the software secure.
I have talked about this in the past, where lee messaged the host accusing that dc-talk had proprietary software……..just joking, he actually messaged the host and stated dc-talk having a PSO private server, that it was against Sega policies.
Then dc-talk switched to sylverant, but for some time schthack software was online and no tool would bring it down, even the one designed to do it.
I and others assumed that this was just Lee being counter productive and annoying, but regardless we felt that maybe schthack had actually ordered him to take the server down at any cost, that was one of the reasons of why dc-talk switched to sylverant software.

So, these 2 caused some serious issues that lasted maybe a week or so right? Lee said so, so he must be right.

Schthack is once again with a server, with a website, with forums, all up and running, but among the admins, there is one in particular that caught my attention, schthack himself, the oldie and possibly one of the 1st members of the 1st schthack forums.

You know where this is going right? How about asking him to confirm these statements, he should remember this quite easily no?

I kept the story simple, grabbed a few quotes, explained the timeline, the attacks, the ddos,….

He replied me with this:

the leaked software was accired by nugz from a previous host, after lot of argument and fight, beafor leaving i gave him a lite version of the login server. At this point if he wanted to give it i dont see any problem. but i do belive that Lee and cronos saw it as an other attack by nugz.

I dont recal telling Lee to shutdown your community as there could be plenty using the leaked server anyway. he might have informed me but i didnt gave a crap about pso. He might of got too far but i cant argu again him as he’s mainly the one that keep this server online in the last years…

So, arbitrary decision, hypocrisy, no justification, no orders, no instructions to bring the server down and Lee has the audacity to reply with statements such as

he wants it down
I take it down

There is a reason why dc-talk fought so much at the time, why we didn’t care, why we rejected any instructions given to us, mainly because, there weren’t any to begin with, this was simply a person making a decision and then backing up the statements and dragging schthack into the mix.

Remember, this is a note to self, i have more elaborate logs, but the reason of the blog post is to keep things simple.

Regardless, this was in 2009, this issue is no longer a thing, it no longer concerns me or dc-talk, we all moved on, i just wanted to make sure that the blame was 1 person only, not 2 with justification and orders.