I have been a fan of remixes for a long time and Phantasy Star has been a franchise that has many remixes out there, but when it comes to Phantasy Star Online it doesn’t become that plentiful, even SEGA when they did the original EP4 songs, many of the ideas in them actually came from older Phantasy Star games, regardless they are a joy to listen to. Fans however will sometimes pick iconic songs from the game and do their own version, a fine example is the one made by Zircon called “Ragol weather

This song served as an inspiration for the jazz themed song, this team decided to pay a tribute to many different games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and Phantasy Star Online, this tribute called “New game +” is very well done and has 21 songs that were done by musicians from all around the world.

The website contains info about the band elements, the guest performers and even a list of all the songs that were included.

Now i don’t often do a blog post because of 1 remix, but this song was so unique in its approach that i just had to talk about it, i enjoyed listening to the music (and the other ones), so i guess someone out there will also like it.

You can check out this amazing Jazz themed “image of hero” in several places:

Truly a fantastic job, i was honestly impressed.