A long time ago, back when Ragol.co.uk was a great source for PSO news, one blog entry had a very unique thing, a T-Shirts merchandise related to PSO and among those unique t shirts there was one that stood out.
Went to the web archive and retrieved this:

Thing is, you can’t get these anymore, including the one i just pointed out, i decided to remake the image myself and after getting some help on forums, i indeed got a better resolution image of the design, still it was marginally better, the size and the heavy compression artifacts made most of the text (yes it contains text) pretty much unreadable, still i decided to remake the stuff.

Now the text was an issue, i had a hint that so much text wasn’t created by hand, but instead copy and pasted, so all i needed was to find the original text, no biggie right?

I mean check it yourself.

Now, i deciphered certain things, like “phantasy star online phantasy”, “pioneer”, “the”, “and” and one that i deciphered partially as “Ye_r __ter”

I decided to grab a few scripts from PSO and the intro movie and indeed the text was from the intro movie (EP1), that partially deciphered text was in fact “Years Later”.

I did the backgrounds as close as possible with the original, although i may have changed some tiny things, such as including a hex grid where the text was on.

The next big trouble was the arena drawing, i mean i can’t draw that, i know i can’t, so i decided to use PSO textures themselves, now initially this seems fairly easy, until you realize the game removes black coloring automatically, it enhances the colors, i can’t do that in Photoshop, at least not in a transparent background, i mean, look at it.


But, after some tweaks, i was able to create my own thing and i used images from the game itself to guide me, not only position wise but color wise, it may not be exactly the same as the game as i used some circular images in a higher amount, this so it could match the original T-shirt image.

Last but not least, falz itself, i never did anything in corel draw before, but what better program to create custom shapes? after getting the shapes done (falz body, wings and the blades) getting them into Photoshop and filling them up was easy.

So here you go, if you really want to use the image, feel free to do so, i personally will be ordering a T-shirt with the design in the future and i will update this blog post with the results (if satisfactory).

If there is something i like i may sometimes do it myself and this was one of them, enjoy the high res version remake.


I have received the t-shirt and i can add a few things to the final result:

  • the hexagonal pattern is barely visible, you need to be rather close to see the subtle pattern.
  • The wings are transparent so you can see the text that is on the back, however on the t-shirt the text is barely visible, you see some shapes but you can’t recognize the text or even letters, like the pattern it is very subtle.
  • the blue and green dark falz arena sections are really well done on the grey background but they turn drastically to a bright green when they reach the grey of the t-shirt, so it is likely that the difference isn’t so drastic if you have a darker t-shirt, i went with grey because that was the color of the original one.

Credits to spreadshirt for the good work on the t shirt and MidiPour for providing the higher resolution image.