Things have been going well regarding PSO, but for the most part things have been so minimal that a post wasn’t really that mandatory, so I believe it’s better to use this post to tell those interested the new things that have been happening recently.

Ephinea Seasons.

If you play on Ephinea you probably saw this, they now have a new mode that you enter by typing a command before playing a game, you essentially start from the start, you complete milestones like leveling up and then you get rewarded in many ways, some rewards come from the lvl ups, an id change comes from participating and you can trade points to get other purchasable rewards.

Now, starting from scratch seems a lot like challenge mode, but here you play at your own pace, in fact you can play a very large portion of content but you cannot power level by playing with certain players (those outside seasons) and you can’t use certain quests that are notorious for fast leveling up).

Overall a nice change of pacing and the 1st iteration of the system, which seems to be well designed and tought all things considered so if you want something unique with unique rewards, check out Ephinea seasons, if that’s not your thing, you can always check Ephinea server if you plan on playing PSO, certainly one of the best private servers around


Other private servers.

On Ephinea, you are allowed to advertise your own servers if you want and some have appeared in the meantime which is always nice, now I know what you’re thinking, “more servers? Won’t that scatter the community even further?”, well yes in a certain way, but having a choice and having individual ideas coming together in a server is always nice, Ephinea came out of nowhere although the foundation existed, but right now it has expanded and it certainly grabbed the PSO community, other servers certainly have that chance aswell, it’s a lot better than having like 1 choice, knowing you have to endure all kinds of nonsense just to play the game and have fun.

One even accepts GC players, that you don’t see every day for sure

The ones that stood out are:

There are certainly others like Trinity but they haven’t been around long enough to make their position in the PSO community, but that can change at anytime, so those that are new are always a good place for you to share your creative ideas, give them a go if you’re interested and you might be surprised with the results.


Speaking of GC, recently Trypticon has made a topic on PSO-World forums where he seems to be looking for certain old “personalities” of the PSO community, i was introduced to this since i was one of those players he wanted to get in contact with (that surprised me btw) and he told me his idea, now i don’t want to get ahead of myself, so for now the idea will remain a secret and one of the reasons for that is because we don’t really know who is available and who isn’t, to be honest finding these ppl would be interesting because if you are from the GC generation of players you might know some of these names, i personally know some, but i don’t know all of them and for now the goal is to contact these ppl.

If you know any of these, if you have like an email or you are these players in concrete, then check the topic and give Trypticon a notification, maybe you’ll like what he has in mind.

The players he is seeking are:

09, Cypher, ADE, Photon Drop, Saifwin , The One Hero , KIREEK, Tycho, Dark Shadow, Lightning, Tyrant Flame, Android 21, DJR, Saiffwin, Cypher, 09, AIM, James, Rob, Kayak, Cranberry.

Are these names a blast from the past to you?