pso2 forest title

Another port for v2 with a small difference, the skin for blueburst isn’t quite ready and Forest 2 is unfinished, but that doesn’t stop me from releasing a forest 1 skin for ultimate.I pretty much changed all the textures and some of them i did them myself, the main issue was that nearly all the textures were at half res compared with the default ones that come with PSO, that didn’t make the skin look bad, it was quite the opposite, however i felt the need to make the textures at least at the same size as the default ones, so i pasted textures together in order to make one big one.
I fixed some problems with leaves and i used a higher res image on a light source.

So yes the skin isn’t exactly a copy and paste from the blueburst skin, you may notice a few differences if you play both versions side by side, from the leaves, the rocks and most noticeable the texture transitions.

I may update the skin with a Forest 2 skin if it gets finished

Echelon for the original content.

Place the media folder into the phantasy star online folder in your PSO installation, or simply navigate to the file “map_aforest01.pvm” and place it into X:\xxxxxxxxxxxx\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO\SCENE

Game version:
PSO v2

Replaces Ultimate forest 1



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skin was altered in 1 texture after this video, but for the most part it’s all the same


If you do not know, i sometimes release screenshots on deviant art, they have so far the highest quality of all screenshots shared by any player, the quality is so high that Fenrir over at schtserv/scamserv no longer considers these images as screenshots, instead they are images that have been and i quote “photoshoped or something”.
If you like these kinds of screenshots then you will like to know that i took 3 screenshots of nighttime paradise with red ring rico, i applied some light bloom in-game to them to intensify the bright parts, i hope you enjoy them.
Images are big, beware.

These and many more are available at my deviant art gallery , if you have a custom request, then ask away and i’ll see if it’s possible, many skins and angles are possible and i don’t have time to cover them all.
Thanks to Zacchaeus for defeating Dark Falz and thanks to the PSO eden community and staff for giving me a place and tools to make this possible.